Treatment Option

**NOTICE: RR Minick Counseling has transitioned to Online Counseling Services-Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Our office phones and email are active on a daily basis Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or for emergencies.**


Robin utilizes treatment modalities including but not limited to:

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

The Internal Family Systems model has successfully impacted symptoms relating to anxiety, depression, trauma (childhood and present), bullying, grief, eating disorders, hoarding, and many adjustment disorders. Robin finds it to be a highly efficient way for patients to access information within themselves to support transformation.

Subtle Yoga & Somatic Awareness

Training from the Subtle Yoga Training for Behavioral Health Professionals workshops has allowed Robin to incorporate subtle yoga interventions into sessions to support patient process and progress.

Robin has had, and continues to engage in, ongoing training in Somatic Awareness, Relaxation, and Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions and Strategies.  She can incorporate movement into her sessions.

Heart Math

The emWave Pro is a fun training system that  monitors heart rhythms and displays the level of “coherence”, which is an optimal physiological state where the heart, mind, and emotions align in cooperation and harmony.  Heart Math has been shown to promote resiliency, mental clarity, and to reduce stress.

Aroma Therapy & Art Therapy

Robin is skilled at incorporating aroma therapy and/or art therapy into sessions per patient request.

*At RR Minick Counseling, we understand that any form of therapy, treatment, or intervention is not effective if it does not center from the patient*



Waynesville, NC