Internal Family Systems

Robin R. Minick, LCMHC-S, is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist (CIFST), having completed Level III trainings. Robin has been certified through the IFS Center for Self Leadership. Internal Family Systems is an evidence-based psychotherapy model that works with each individuals inner ‘parts’.

Grief Counseling

Robin is one of few nationally certified grief counselors in the area.  She specializes in working with parents who have lost a child/children, the loss of a spouse or loved one, and is comfortable helping families process grief and loss individually or in session together.

Robin has four years experience working in Hospice and has a talent and specialized skill set when working with people through grief in an effort to gain peace and comfort.

Veteran’s Affairs

Robin has a heart for work with veterans and was in the first cohort of therapists in the state who received what has now become a national certification in clinical military counseling.

Peri-natal Mood Disorders

Robin is nationally certified in peri-natal mood disorders through Postpartum Support International.



Waynesville, NC